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Monin Passionfruit Purée 1L

Monin Passionfruit Purée


Nothing emulates a taste of the tropics quite like the exotic flavour of passionfruit. The sweet, tangy and fragrant rich fruit is basically a vacation for your taste buds and Monin Passionfruit purée will take your cocktails, lemonades, iced teas and smoothies on a trip to paradise too.


Colour: Deep orange.


Tasting Notes: Acidic nose of the ripe passionfruit. Balanced and refreshing taste of the fruit followed by some tangy, citrus notes.


Passion for Perfection: Try combining it with bourbon and lemon juice in order to create an elegant but classic whiskey sour. It’s sweet taste and tart notes are also perfect in a passionfruit yogurt drink.


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