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Black Garlic Marlborough 1kg

Black Garlic; Grown and Packed in NZ

100% Black Garlic

It has a truly unique sweet and savoury umami flavour, that adds a rich, deep complexity to any dish without overpowering it.

We slow roast our garlic for around 6 weeks, triggering a type of fermentation called the Maillard effect. The ONLY ingredient is the garlic we have grown in the field. During fermentation it begins to colour up, eventually becoming jet black.

It looks fantastic on a platter with the jet-black morsels contrasting brilliantly with the colour of cheeses and other gourmet treats. We take a little longer than most to cook our black garlic to make sure it achieves the deep black colour and umami taste that is particular to good black garlic.

Our Black Garlic is great for you, with studies suggesting;
- Up to a 7 fold increase in the polyphenol content of regular garlic (Sato et al., 2006)
- An increase in antioxidant activity and amino acid content (Chao et al., 2012),
- Increased anti-inflammatory properties (Lee et al., 2011)
- Hepatoprotective activity (Kim et al., 2011b)
- Immunostimulatory activities (Purev et al., 2012).
- And higher free radical scavenging properties in vitro (Kim et al. 2012) compared with fresh garlic."