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DeCecco Lasagne All'uovo Pasta 500g

DeCecco Lasagne All'uovo

The best-dried pasta you can buy! All'uovo means 'Made with egg'.

All DeCecco All'uovo pasta is firm to the bite with a silky mouth feel.

Lasagna is one of the oldest forms of pasta recorded and has long been one of the most well-known and popular types of pasta in Italian cooking. The simplest and most commonly used recipe calls for a ragù, béchamel and parmesan, although mozzarella has also been introduced more recently.

Delicious "white" versions are also quite commonplace with sauces made from mushrooms and vegetables.

Fantastic Lasagna sheets with no need to precook!

 Cooking time: No need to pre-cook, the lasagne softens when baked!