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Levante 100% Organic Italian extra virgin olive oil 500ml

Levante 100% Organic Italian extra virgin olive oil

Country of origin: Italy

100% Italian Organic is a premium extra virgin olive oil. A natural oil made from 100% Italian olives from organic crops, which do not use any pesticide or get any chemical treatments, certified and guaranteed by ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethical Certification). Cold-pressed, it combines ancient experience and full respect for the environment. The Organic Levante enhances nature by bringing to the table a golden green oil with a pure essence, distinguished by its very low acidity and its high resistance to oxidation. With a delicate and fragrant flavour and a fruity scent, it is perfect for enhancing salads, vegetables, soups, grilled fish and meat.

This oil is a testament to Levante's commitment to supporting high-quality organic olive oil production. Produced with the same philosophy of the past, it combines the attitude of wanting to pass on the ancient experience in perfect harmony with nature and respect for the principles of organic farming. The ICEA Organic Certification guarantees the conformity of production, obtained with organic methods in all stages of the production chain, from the field to the table, in compliance with European Union standards (EC Reg. 834/07 and EC 889/08).