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Monin Yuzu Fruit Purée 1L

Monin Yuzu Fruit Purée

The Asian yuzu fruit bursts with the tart, citrus flavours of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. Spread by Japanese and Korean cuisine, it’s a beautiful, premium recipe replacement for lemon or lime. Monin Yuzu amplifies this bright, exotic flavour and is perfect for creating lemonades, teas, cocktails and more.

Colour: Golden yellow with orange glints.

Tasting Notes: Notes: Citrus with floral notes. Attack: Citrus marmalade. Length in mouth: Yuzu peel.

Here's to Yuzu: Not only does it add a perfect twist to any classic cocktail but is also amazing with soda applications, smoothies and sherbets. Try Monin Yuzu Fruit Purée in a classic Margarita, with its smooth, sweet and sour touch.

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