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St Andrews Limes Preserved Lemons 1kg

Preserved Lemons

These lemons are preserved in salt.  Discard the flesh and slice finely to use in potato, green and/ or bean salads. Serve also in rice, cous-cous and add to any lamb dish.

Using Preserved Lemons …

They keep for quite a while in the fridge because, after all, they are preserved!  Keep refrigerated and if in the brine, these lemons will keep for up to a year.  It means you don’t need to rush to use them up.  Any time you’d normally add lemon zest or a squeeze of juice to a recipe, use some preserved lemon and be confident with the result.

You can eat the whole lemon, rind and all — though we’d recommend removing the seeds first.  Rinse briefly under cool water to remove excess salt and chop before adding to your dish.  Under the influence of salt, the intense bitterness of the rind and pith mellow out and develop a sunny lemony character. Try a piece of the preserved lemon on its own and you’ll understand what we mean!


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