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Zanetti Provolone Dolce 1kg

Provolone Dolce

Provolone is semi-hard cheese made from Cow’s milk, that finds its home in the Po valley, in the north of Italy.

It’s made with Pasta Filata technique, which means “spun paste” in Italian: these cheeses undergo a unique stretching process that gives them a characteristically stringy, stretchy quality.

Provolone Dolce (sweet) is smooth and creamy and has a sweet, nutty, and buttery flavor. It’s young, left to age for only two to three months.

This is a rather versatile cheese. Perfect served on a cheeseboard as well as grated to sprinkle over salads, and even incorporated into desserts. It melts very well, so try it in grilled sandwiches, baked pasta dishes or casseroles. You can also enjoy it on pizza, either as a substitute for mozzarella or as a flavorful addition.


Produced in Italy

1kg - this product is vacuum sealed and is the approximate weight listed.

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